About Me

Stan_2009.08.29My name is Stan Dynak and I am a consulting astrologer living and working in Oakville, Ontario.

Astrology has been my guiding light and my passion for a quarter of a century. I began studying Astrology in 1990 and I completed a professional Astrology course in 1996.

My reading services have grown and evolved over the years from simple, event-oriented predictions to mutually engaging consultations with focus on personal forecasting based on a client’s past history and present day circumstances.

When I look at my client’s birth chart I see a master plan, a great and wonderful potential which he or she will have a chance to turn into reality throughout his or her lifetime. We come into this life blessed with gifts, talents, abilities, strengths, potentials and willpower to live our life. As long as we accept and own our gifts we inevitably need to also accept their flip side – our weaknesses, our faults, our shadows and inner demons that tug at our hearts and emotions especially when we reach the crossroads of our lives. An astrology reading can help us recognize and confirm our true potential and our true purpose, our mission in this life – what we are meant to accomplish in this lifetime.

As we grow, age and mature the energies around us will either offer us support, strength and determination to carry on or will “cause” delays and “place” obstacles in our path creating tension and frustration. Supportive energies can help us spread our wings and push us forward like a wind pushes a sailboat forward but non-supportive energies can teach us how to face life difficulties and accomplish our tasks despite obstacles, competition and challenging conditions. Both are necessary for us to fully develop our human nature, our strength, assertiveness, our courage and determination but also our kindness, compassion and our acceptance of being “non-perfect” humans allowing ourselves to make mistakes or wrong decisions from time to time but to also accept full responsibility (not blaming others) for the outcomes of our thoughts and actions.

I’m interested in promoting my reading services as well as raising awareness of Astrology as one of a number of spiritual growth paths available to us today, but I’m just as keen to learn from others in terms of their life experiences. I welcome comments, suggestions, invitations to meetup groups, offers of other professional services which I may find useful in exchange for one of my readings. Feel free to send me a quick note, ask a question about Astrology or other related subjects or life in general.

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