Astrology readings and consultations are based on the person’s accurate birth data – date, time and place. Full reading takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. A follow-up session can be beneficial to the client and is sometimes recommended after the initial reading.

Each and every reading session is a unique experience. Looking at the birth charts and facing my clients as we initiate our conversation I recognize that, over and above their physical presence, they always bring to the reading their feelings, their emotions, their thoughts and their needs.

Needs to be acknowledged, to be recognized, to be accepted, to feel loved and be appreciated by others. Needs to feel safe and secure, to find true meaning and purpose in their lives, to make sense of what’s happening around them so they can move forward, advance, achieve, accomplish and reach success and fulfilment through which they will become a part of something greater, feel at one with the world, with God, with Oneness, with the source of all life. Listening to their life story, asking questions, absorbing what they have to say without judgement I get to see their joy and delight, their dreams, wishes, desires, positive and outgoing energy while I also see their sadness, sorrow, disappointments, fears, broken hearts and unrealized dreams.

I like to concentrate on my clients’ sense of self-worth and self-appreciation as the key ingredients for having a successful and fulfilling life. I strive to make my readings insightful and informative while explaining life’s events as part of a bigger picture and Universe’s way of gently prodding us in the direction that we are meant to be heading on our life’s journey.

As I guide my clients through the reading session I try to view and understand life from their unique perspective. I usually take some time to go over their basic character traits – strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, tendencies and motivations to get a better understanding of my client’s desired direction in life which usually leads to a unique set of challenges and opportunities that all of us confront on our path to finding joy, fulfillment and realization of our destiny. The second part of the reading covers the present and upcoming life conditions that are likely to be manifesting in one’s life as part of our continuous growth and evolution through events that we encounter, people that we meet, obstacles that we need to overcome. Some practical suggestions and recommendations on how to best deal with the upcoming events are usually presented and offered at that point.

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