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Stan, thank you so much

Stan, thank you so much for your guidance and clarity in your reading, it was nice to meet you and I am totally happy with the information that you shared with me, lots of happiness and abundance for you ??


Hi Stan, thanks so much

Hi Stan, thanks so much for the reading you did for me! It’s given me insight & clarity which has been invaluable in terms of trusting my instinct. It has also sharpened my awareness of struggles I’ve experienced. Your ability to discern the gifts and challenges for a person gives them the advantage of bringing more ease and clarity to their life.
Maura Smith, Oakville

Maura Smith

I really lucked out when

I really lucked out when I connected with Stan Dynak for an Astrology reading. With my limited knowledge, I expected to receive a chart of planets and houses identifying some strengths and weaknesses which would satisfy some curiosity and/or be confirmation for me.
Instead, I received a full-fledged history of my life so far in print plus a lot of indication of where I’m headed. It was very uplifting and encouraging. He suggested I send him some questions and in our meeting, he answered almost all of them and provided direction and some suggestions and options that I hadn’t considered. I was amazed at the information at his fingertips from just a birth date, time and location.
I would highly recommend him to anyone who is curious or interested in having a reading. It was a great ‘pick me up’ for me in the middle of the cold dark winter that we’ve just had.

Karen Schmutz

I just had an AMAZING

I just had an AMAZING reading from Stan. He really helped me with where I’m going and confirmed my questions regarding my life’s path. Not knowing anything about me and my past, I found him to be extremely accurate with this reading. Stan is very kind, approachable and extremely heart-centered. Thank you so much…I am grateful and feel a sense of confidence, focus and strength moving forward.

Karen Clouter

Every time Stan does a reading for me, I learn more about who I am and what my destiny is––on a deeper level. I always get insight and clarity about my life path. Stan applies his professionalism, honesty, wisdom and friendliness to each birth chart reading session.

Daniela Szasz, Oakville

Stan provides guidance using the

Stan provides guidance using the perfect blend of science and intuition. After a session with him, I feel enthusiastic about my next steps in this life on Earth, and can move forward with confidence and comfort.

Marilee, Mississauga

Almost like an old time

Almost like an old time friend… Since the very first time I saw Stan at the end of the hall in a workshop, I knew I had to speak to him, I felt he would have something that I needed to hear. That day after waiting for my turn to have a 15 minute sample session with him, I knew I wanted to hear more. Months passed and that first moment kept coming back to me when I felt I needed guidance until one day I decided to finally make the contact. Being my first time consulting an astrologer, I asked him basic practical questions before the session, and was expecting probably just dates, facts, and names, but I found something even better. What I found was the chance to speak to someone that felt almost like an old time friend, someone that will give you pointers without telling you what you already know. He asked the right questions, gave me key insights, and left me with a great feeling of comfort, confidence and peace. Since then I stay in touch with Stan every time I need to talk to an unbiased, sincere friend that as a bonus can give me insights into what I am and can become.

MR, Toronto