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Have you ever wondered if there is an invisible connection between the Universe and life on Earth? Is life really something that we create ourselves, perhaps a reflection of our thoughts and intentions, our dreams and wishes, our habits and activities determined by our “heavenly blueprint”, or is it a series of random events happening to us and making us mere spectators of the dramas unfolding in front of our eyes?

cropped-ZodiakWheel.jpgIn other words, are we conscious and deliberate creators of our successes and failures with clearly defined life purpose that we need to see realized as we grow and mature or can we do no more than be witnesses to a simple game of chance with fortune and fate dictating the final outcome of nearly everything? Some of us may tend to put more faith in either the former or the latter view or end up alternating between them in harmony with our life’s ups and downs.

These, and similar, questions were on my mind when I first started studying and exploring the art and science of astrology some 25 years ago. Throughout my quest for astrological knowledge I’ve found answers to these and many other questions that came up along the way. The truth, although seemingly complicated and baffling from our viewpoint of modern lifestyle and social conditioning is simple enough if we observe the nature and follow the repeatable cycles of seeding, growth, fruition and decay that we can witness in our surroundings without too much difficulty. Astrology suggests that our personalities, characters and attitudes are closely shaped by the earth’s seasonal changes as we immediately respond to the amount of daylight that we can experience in the first days and weeks that follow our birth. When we draw our first breath as we choose to enter the physical world we come to represent the “essence of the season” – a unique blend of energies that keep our solar system balanced in perfect harmony.

Astrology speaks of a journey, a passage, a lifetime of experience-gathering, a drama to be lived through, a game of life where love, kindness, fairness, honesty and compassion are much more significant than the final score. What we do and how we behave on our life path is ultimately more important than winning or losing the game. It’s as much about going through life experiences that are relevant to our spiritual growth as it is about our responses and reactions to what life appears to confront us with, which is mostly of our own making. I’d like to invite you on a journey through this mystical knowledge, a voyage that will hopefully help uncover some of astrology’s secrets along with some of the age-old truths.

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